Ulan Bator lion logoAwakened by parties at old industrial locations from the underground in the mid 90ties, Ulan Bator is crew and promoter for Bass and any kind of broken music in Leipzig. Till today the crew mainly stands for Jungle music in town, but actors and protagonists always loves and spins very different styles on turntables. So for example Malcolm with his Downtownlyrics project is a living monument of Leipzig's hip hop scene or Derrick is widely known for his heavy Bass and Dubstep sets. Since the beginning Ulan Bator is also deeply rooted with Dub, Dancehall and Reggae. Together with soundcrews as Sonic Bang and Rotzlöffel HiFi the family undergoes many tremendous nights of creativity and a common spirit on the dancefloor. In these days the crew participates on various collaborations and acts a little bit below the surface. Known are cooperations with Plug Dub Soundsystem and Vibes Ambassadors at 3Takter event series as also withdrawn as part in the background of a greater collective at Subardo festival and yearly regular Drum'n'Bass Reloaded.

Musical ambassdors of the Ulan Bator family are Base, Bushel Bass, Derrick, Malcolm, Mighty Melody, Reckless and Snoopy. And not to forget all those many, many helping hands, friends and members who stand strong on our side creating and proceeding parties over so many years!

For a while the Ulan Bator banner flies as well over two labels: Junglelivity (Discogs) and Ulan Bator Records (Discogs). On fourteen releases appeared tracks of Base, Bay B Kane, Blue Hill, D.I.S, FeyDer, FleCK, Karl-Marx-Stadt, Krinjah, Opossum and Thomas Topp.

To get in contact with people who love the same music as we do and to strengthen the scene as a whole are our main goals and motivations till today. Spending our time with all that work concerning a partydate will be paid back by receiving an exciting party.

So much respect to all the people who support us in this way for several years!